SportsFrom boxing ring to frontline: Ukrainian boxer's career in balance after serious injury in battle against Russia

From boxing ring to frontline: Ukrainian boxer's career in balance after serious injury in battle against Russia

In the photo: Timur Kuzachmiedow
In the photo: Timur Kuzachmiedow
Images source: © Instagram

12:41 PM EST, January 3, 2024

Many athletes serve in the Ukrainian army daily, with several volunteering for the military to defend their country against the Russian invasion. Boxer Timur Kuzachmiedow was one such individual who joined the volunteer unit named Makhno Group.

Despite dealing with the Russian invaders daily, the 28-year-old did not abandon boxing. Last year, he fought three professional matches. His last time in the ring was on November 3rd, when he secured his third consecutive win.

Now, his career hangs in the balance. The Ukrainian boxer announced that he was seriously injured on the frontline on January 1, 2024. He was hit by shrapnel while performing his duties. Luckily, help arrived swiftly.

"The shrapnel pierced me, and my hip got broken. I believe I'll be out of action for a while, but my fellow soldiers will cover for me," he shared on Instagram.

Kuzachmiedow was first bandaged in the trench by his military colleagues. Then, he was transported to a hospital in Zaporozhye. His life is fortunately not at risk, but it will take him a significant time to regain full fitness.

The resilient 28-year-old remains motivated to recover. He has already announced plans to resume gym workouts as soon as possible. His dedication is evident in the fact that he has already begun to take his first steps.

Kuzachmiedow wasn't only a professional boxer but also a mentor to young boxers. His mentees showed courage by sending him handmade cards, and he's been flooded with messages from compatriots who are proud that he risked his health for their sake.

The boxer is fortunate despite his predicament. The war has claimed over 400 Ukrainian athletes' lives, and each week, the media reports on more tragic losses in Ukrainian sports.

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