FoodFrom Asia to Your Kitchen: How Matcha Enhances Well-being

From Asia to Your Kitchen: How Matcha Enhances Well-being

Matcha instead of coffee. It makes sense!
Matcha instead of coffee. It makes sense!
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4:49 PM EDT, April 9, 2024

Matcha, a culinary gem, has garnered trust for its distinct qualities. What benefits can we reap from indulging in this powdered tea? Plenty. An enhancement in overall well-being is noticeable after just a few days of consumption.

Though we often associate matcha with Japan, its roots trace back to China. Similar to other staples now integral to Japanese cuisine – like sushi or ramen – the tradition of grinding tea leaves into powder originated in ancient Chinese culture. Brought to Japan by monks, matcha quickly became a pivotal aspect of the renowned tea ceremony. Captivated by its remarkable benefits, Europeans, too, decided to welcome matcha into the Old Continent. And so, through a fascinating journey of cultural exchange, matcha has found a spot in kitchens around the world, including my mother's.

How is matcha crafted?

The growing trend of scrutinizing the origins of our food has made many skeptical about powdered substances. However, matcha, like instant coffee, is an exception to this hesitation. It is a natural product derived from the meticulous drying and grinding of young tea leaves cultivated under special conditions. To ensure a rich nutrient profile, the plants meant for matcha are shaded from direct sunlight, enhancing their health benefits.

Matcha's health benefits

So, why should we include matcha in our routine? Its impact on well-being comes from its rich composition. Packed with essential vitamins (A, B, C, E, and K) and antioxidants, matcha not only combats skin aging but also guards against chronic diseases, inflammation, and cancer.

Although invigorating, matcha's effects are smoother compared to coffee. It significantly reduces stress and positively influences mental functions, improving concentration, attention, and overall cognitive abilities. Furthermore, the presence of L-theanine in matcha aids in lowering blood pressure. It's a beneficial addition to anyone's lifestyle, including our mothers'.

Matcha is powdered tea with extraordinary properties.
Matcha is powdered tea with extraordinary properties.© Canva | Valeriya Kobzar
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