LifestyleFrom "alien" to adorable: Neglected dog's transformation captivates millions online

From "alien" to adorable: Neglected dog's transformation captivates millions online

This dog looked like a creature from another planet.
This dog looked like a creature from another planet.
Images source: © Facebook | The Dodo

1:02 PM EST, February 12, 2024

Simon was found in a deplorable state and brought to an American shelter. His thick mats and filth-laden fur, characteristic of severe neglect, impeded his walking and affected his ability to regulate body temperature. It even gave the illusion that the poor 11-year-old canine had six legs.

These circumstances called for the substantial removal of his fur with special clippers. The entire process lasted for more than 2 hours, and the resulting transformation was quite apparent even to the naked eye.

A hairy challenge

Once the mats were removed, Simon was bathed and hospitalized. Here, he received appropriate medications and intravenous treatments to aid his recovery. His remarkable journey captured the attention of thousands online, with his video garnering over 24 million views.

Post-recovery, Simon, a small beige-white dog, bristled with curiosity about the world around him. The first few weeks after the grooming had him relearning basic things like walking due to the hindrance caused previously by his fur. Simon, however, was quick to bounce back.

New beginnings for Simon

When Simon was ready for adoption, he instantly struck a chord with a couple who visited the adoption center. The feeling seemed mutual as Simon enjoyed being petted on his back and behind his ears. This brought immense joy to his caretakers at the shelter, as they'd never seen Simon this happy before.

"Look at his tail; he's never been this joyful before," is a remark from a video of Simon shared on Facebook.

In response to the post, social media users expressed their astonishment at how such severe neglect could happen. Statements like "What an amazing transformation, I just can't imagine why he was abused so terribly. He's adorable and so affectionate", "Poor dog, he's endured so much," and "So joyful he found a loving new family," filled the comments section.

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