Tips&TricksFrom a 4th birthday gift to a fortune. The journey of the world's youngest abstract artist

From a 4th birthday gift to a fortune. The journey of the world's youngest abstract artist

Young painter
Young painter
Images source: © Instagram | mikails_galerie

2:49 PM EST, January 10, 2024

While everyone can attempt art, it seems that not everyone has the skill for it; hence, becoming an artist isn't as simple as it sounds. It demands numerous sacrifices and continuous learning. One such skilled artist is Mikail Akar from Cologne, Northwestern Germany.

The journey of a young artist

Mikail's foray into painting began soon after his 4th birthday when he received paints, brushes, and a canvas as gifts. Unable to decipher the value of his first painting, his father posted a photograph on social media. The internet users flooded the post with comments and likes, confirming the parents' belief that their son harbored a colossal talent.

To the family's surprise, Mikail's paintings began to sell like hotcakes. His prolific output translated into substantial earnings. Plus, his social media presence added to the popularity of the aspiring artist, eventually garnering attention from TV and the national press.

Before long, art connoisseurs and experts began to show keen interest in his abstract creations. This encouraged the family to donate the proceeds from the paintings' sales to various charitable causes, such as assisting victims of the war in Ukraine and the earthquakes in Syria and Turkey.

Though the pandemic-induced restrictions of 2020 slowed Mikail's blossoming career, it didn't dampen his spirits. Instead, he launched a virtual exhibition called "My world is colorful!" to the delight of his fans.

What's on the horizon for the budding artist?

His collaboration with the prestigious car brand Rolls-Royce ranks high on his list of accomplishments. Mikail breathed new life into some of the company's classic models using his abstract color palette. Moreover, he happens to be the first European artist to perform live on the Empire State Building terrace. His exhibition, "UNBELIEVABLE", has been garnering international acclaim, spreading from New York to Vienna, and to Istanbul.

Mikail's pieces were also showcased at the revered Artexpo New York art fair where they caused quite a sensation. This earned him the nickname "mini Picasso" from Cologne — a recognition that's hard to top. However, despite the high prices his paintings command, Mikail and his family steer clear of extravagance, leading a reasonably everyday life instead.

His parents strive to protect their son from social pressure and constant media exposure. Mikail is just a regular school-going boy from Cologne who loves soccer as much as painting. Indeed, the future holds much promise for an artist as gifted as him.

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