LifestyleFrom 686 to 189 pounds: 'My 600-lb Life' star Christina Phillips' transformative journey

From 686 to 189 pounds: 'My 600‑lb Life' star Christina Phillips' transformative journey

Christina was a prisoner of her own body.
Christina was a prisoner of her own body.
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12:17 PM EST, February 7, 2024, updated: 4:02 AM EST, March 7, 2024

Christina's extreme obesity was the root cause of a host of severe health problems, with mobility being a significant issue. Weighing 686 pounds, Christina found movement difficult; it significantly hampered her social activities leading to her spending most days confined at home. Opting to participate in "My 600-lb Life," was a life-changing decision for Christina.

A radical transformation: It is hard to recognize her past self in her today

Christina Phillips has often expressed feeling trapped within her own body due to her severe obesity. The significant weight hampered her mobility and social interactions being mostly limited within her own home. Overweight-induced ailments were an additional burden, with basic activities like moving from one room to another causing severe shortness of breath and draining her energy.

The dire nature of Christina's situation cannot be overstated. The journey to Houston, where "My 600-lb Life" was filmed, was a daunting challenge for her. Tired and frustrated with depending on others for basic needs, Christina decided it was high time for a proactive change.

Determined to shed the excess weight, Christina had bariatric surgery as part of her involvement in "My 600-lb Life," after impressively losing a few pounds under close supervision. After surgery, she adopted a special diet and incorporated regular exercise into her new lifestyle.

Unrecognizable: It's hard to believe she is the same individual

Participating in the weight loss program helped Christina shed in excess of 440 pounds. Today, the 32-year-old weighs a more manageable 189 pounds, and her daily routine has been transformed. She has dedicatedly maintained her weight and is now a mom to Ezra and Ethan. The joy evident in Phillips' smile demonstrates how this transformation has been a watershed moment, altering her life permanently for the better.

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