EntertainmentFrom '50 shades of Grey' stardom to stalkers and peace

From '50 shades of Grey' stardom to stalkers and peace

Jamie Dornan is also known from the series "The Fall" with Gillian Anderson.
Jamie Dornan is also known from the series "The Fall" with Gillian Anderson.
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5:13 PM EST, January 1, 2024

Dornan's popularity skyrocketed following the debut of "50 Shades of Grey" in 2015. The overwhelming attention left him reluctant to continue with the series. However, contractual obligations required him to complete two more films. The complex erotic love adventures of the characters Christian and Anastasia ignited fervent fantasies among fans.

Several bizarre theories flourished online. Some speculated that Dornan and Dakota Johnson had an off-screen relationship, resulting in Johnson's pregnancy. Others suggested their supposed daughter was adopted by Jamie's wife, Amelia Warner, and raised along with their biological children.

Dornan went to great lengths to shield his family from the frenzy of the so-called fandom, which proved futile. A particularly alarming situation unfolded shortly after the "Fifty Shades Darker premiere."

"I had a situation with a stalker. It was terrifying. Someone showed up at my house when my children were present," Dornan told an Independent reporter. He declined to further elaborate on the incident, hinting only at its traumatic aftermath, particularly for his daughters.

Since that experience, Dornan has unequivocally vowed never to partake in similar, erotically charged films. However, he is open to superhero roles, including those in the Marvel Universe. The intense wave of popularity resulting from "Grey" has receded, allowing the actor to enjoy relative tranquility.

"I'm able to live a relatively normal life. I can use the subway without any fuss. Professionally, I still feel pressured, but in the past ten years, I've done a lot of introspection. I decided against continually competing with myself. I'm satisfied with my progression, and someday, I plan to retreat from the public eye and devote my time to playing golf," Dornan stated in the interview.

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