Tips&TricksFreshen your toilet for two weeks with a simple homemade method

Freshen your toilet for two weeks with a simple homemade method

How to refresh the toilet in a few minutes?
How to refresh the toilet in a few minutes?
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2:02 PM EST, February 22, 2024

Many people question how to freshen a toilet swiftly. Proper cleaning does not necessarily require hours of scrubbing or using expensive detergents. Your toilet can be freshened with a few household products, ensuring cleanliness and a fresh aroma. This is an ideal solution for those who dislike using extensive detergents but prefer a one-and-done approach.

How to freshen your toilet with a homemade method: grab some soap

Once I discovered this trick, my toilet maintained a fresh aroma for at least two weeks without an additional air freshener. Who would have believed an ordinary bar of soap and a few kitchen products could work such wonders? This is the perfect cleaning trick to discover how easy it is to refresh a toilet.

First, gather the necessary products: a bar of soap, three tablespoons of baking soda, two tablespoons of coarse salt, and a few tablespoons of water. Each component serves a distinct purpose, forming a superbly effective detergent that leaves your toilet clean and fresh. Simply chop the bar of soap into small pieces and mix with the remaining ingredients to mold into balls. Allow these to dry out on a chipboard. When used correctly, these soap balls can keep your toilet fresh for up to two weeks after each application.

How to freshen a toilet using cleaning tablets?

Once your soap balls are ready, it's key to understand their application. There are two methods to consider based on your needs. You can keep these homemade cleaning tablets in a sealed package and drop them individually into the toilet in critical times - for instance, when your mother-in-law drops by unexpectedly. After the product dissolves, simply flush the toilet, and your bathroom will fill with a refreshing aroma that is sure to impress even your mother-in-law.

The second method lasts longer and can be executed every two weeks. Just hang the soap balls in a cloth bag inside the flush box to prevent them from being drained out during flushing. Alternatively, you can place these balls in an empty WC block package. Each flush will scrub the bowl clean and release a pleasant fragrance into your bathroom. This trick allows you to keep your toilet fresh even when circumstances don't allow for long scrubbing sessions. After trying this method, you may never look back at your old methods, and soap balls may become a permanent fixture in your bathroom cleaning routine.

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