NewsFrench director Benoit Jacquot faces investigation following rape allegations by actress Judith Godrèche

French director Benoit Jacquot faces investigation following rape allegations by actress Judith Godrèche

Judith Godrèche
Judith Godrèche
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2:34 AM EST, February 8, 2024, updated: 3:58 AM EST, March 7, 2024

On Wednesday, February 7, the French public prosecutor's office initiated an investigation into director Benoit Jacquot. Actress Judith Godrèche lodged a report against him, accusing him of raping her when she was only 14.

French director indicted for rape

Jacquot communicated with "Le Monde" reporters, denying all allegations. When the AFP agency attempted to contact him, he shunned further discussion.

Godrèche maintains that the director manipulated her into a relationship. Godrèche resided with Jacquot for six years, appearing in two of his films: "Les Mendiants" ("The Beggars") from 1988 and "La Desenchantee" ("The Disenchanted") from 1999.

This situation resembles cases of abducted children. I wish Benoît had consented to remain my friend instead of possessing me. I wasn't interested in his physicality. Eventually, he provoked a sense of repulsion in me - Godrèche stated in a letter published in "Le Monde".

The actress previously admitted to being involved with an older man. Details remained confidential until a clip from the documentary "Les Ruses du Désir: L'interdit," directed by Gérard Miller in 2011, flipped the narrative. In this segment, Jacquot mocked Godrèche's naiveté while discussing their relationship.

It was clearly improper, according to the law… Her being a girl aged 15 and me being a man of 40, I shouldn’t have been with her. Although, I didn’t mind and if we’re discussing her, I'd add that it seemed to invigorate her very much – Jacquot admitted in the interview.

Godrèche was terrified after viewing that segment. Considering her children, she decided to disclose the truth and press charges.

I was petrified. I felt sick. There was no consent. As a 14-year-old, one doesn't relish the prospect of sleeping with a 40-year-old man – the actress affirmed.

Benoît Jacquot enjoys the status of one of the most revered directors in France. He earned acclaim for works such as "School of Grace," "Farewell, Queen," "Diary of a Chambermaid," and "Wings of the Dove."

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