TechFree games in Epic Games Store. Get the horror the world has not seen

Free games in Epic Games Store. Get the horror the world has not seen

Epic Games Store
Epic Games Store
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4:01 PM EDT, October 26, 2023

Today, Epic Games will update their offer on free games. Since Halloween is approaching, the heads of the virtual distribution network have decided to scare the players a little bit. The next part of the cult horror game will be available today.

Today, more free games will arrive in the Epic Games Store. However, before that happens, let's not forget about the deal that is still running for a few more hours. Until 11:00 AM Eastern Time, we can get Eternal Threads for free, a title based on the concept of manipulating time, where the main task is to save the victims of a fire.

However, the main course of the still ongoing offer will be the cult classic survival-horror The Evil Within for many players. Is it worth getting? If we have nerves of steel, there is nothing to think about, and on top of that, there is a chance to get the sequel to this successful game.

The Evil Within 2 for free in Epic Games Store

At 11:00 AM Eastern Time, Epic Games will be updating their offer, and The Evil Within 2 will take the place of The Evil Within. No one else was involved in the sequel's development but Shinji Mikami. His vision was crucial when he worked on the Resident Evil or Devil May Cry series - there probably isn't a better recommendation.

Tandem: a Tale of Shadows for free in Epic Games Store

It might be of a smaller caliber, but one thing is for sure: Tandem: a Tale of Shadows is a game that has a vision for itself and can also give you a "workout", but in a slightly different way than the series The Evil Within. If you're looking for logical challenges with platform elements, this production is the ideal candidate.

A week to pick up games

The rules of distribution will not change. Both The Evil Within 2  and Tandem: a Tale of Shadows will be available to all users who have an active Epic Games Store account. The titles will be available from October 26th from 11:00 AM Eastern Time for a straight, full week.

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