TechFree game available on Epic Games Store. A must-grab for sci-fi fans

Free game available on Epic Games Store. A must-grab for sci‑fi fans

Epic Games Store
Epic Games Store
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9:09 AM EST, November 20, 2023

The Epic Games Store has released details of this week's offer. From this coming Thursday, players will have the opportunity to claim a free atmospheric adventure game, set to delight fans of the sci-fi genre.

The Epic Games Store continues its giveaways, unveiling the details of this week's offer. This time, players will receive a single title, a game developed by KeokeN Interactive that was released on February 2, 2023. The game in question is Deliver Us Mars.

Get Deliver Us Mars for Free on the Epic Games Store

Deliver Us Mars is the follow-up to the highly acclaimed 2019 game Deliver Us The Moon. The creators haven't reinvented the game with this new installment; instead, Deliver Us Mars expands upon established mechanics and concepts. It is an adventurous experience set within a sci-fi atmosphere, featuring gameplay from a third-person perspective.

The game's plot holds its own. Players will journey to Mars to recover ships stolen by a clandestine organization. With humanity's survival at stake, this adventure isn't bound to be a walk in the park. Dynamic action sequences are seamlessly intertwined with puzzles and spatial riddles. The captivating visual setting, powered by the Unreal Engine, is noteworthy.

More Free Games Available

Deliver Us Mars will be accessible on the Epic Games Store this Thursday, November 23rd, from 11:00 AM Eastern Time. Until then, players can benefit from the current Surviving the Aftermath and Earthlock offers.

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