EntertainmentFrançoise Hardy, 60s icon, dies at 80 after cancer battle

Françoise Hardy, 60s icon, dies at 80 after cancer battle

Francoise Hardy has passed away
Francoise Hardy has passed away
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4:58 AM EDT, June 12, 2024

Actress, singer, and 60s star Françoise Hardy passed away at 80. She had been battling various cancers for years and lamented the fact that euthanasia is not allowed in France, calling it cruelty.

Her family announced the death of Françoise Hardy. The star's son, Thomas Dutronc, posted a short entry on social media: "Mom is gone." The actress was diagnosed with MALT lymphoma between late 2004 and early 2005, which she described as the start of a "hellish time" in her life. She underwent chemotherapy, which was initially successful, but her health significantly deteriorated by 2015. She was admitted to the hospital and put into a coma. "I am isolated and very hindered by the disease. More than ten years ago, I was diagnosed with lymphoma, but recently it has gotten worse. There are times when I don't see anyone; I don't go out. But I try to stay positive, living day by day," she said in an interview with "Le Figaro."

Françoise Hardy on fighting cancer

The actress's health deteriorated again in 2021, and she began speaking publicly about the need for a law legalizing assisted suicide in France. She openly stated that she would want to undergo euthanasia if her condition worsened.

"I can cook for myself. As long as I can do that, it's OK. But if it gets worse, if I am weakened to the point where I can't do anything for myself, I would seriously consider euthanasia. I cannot just wait for death. I can't live. I can't do anything essential in life," she said in one of her interviews.

Over the years, Hardy was also diagnosed with ear cancer, and intensive treatment caused her excruciating pain. She couldn't swallow, and most notably, she could no longer sing. "My suffering is so immense that I fear death will bring even greater suffering," she said.

Hardy in the film "Grand Prix"
Hardy in the film "Grand Prix"© Press materials

She criticized France, which has not legalized euthanasia, calling it an inhumane country. "It's not about doctors consenting to every such request, but about shortening unnecessary suffering in incurable diseases when it becomes unbearable," she commented.

Hardy passed away on June 11, 2024, from laryngeal cancer. She was an actress known for productions such as "Grand Prix," "Nutty, Naughty Chateau," and "What's New Pussycat?". In France, she was primarily a music icon. She began her global career at 18, with her first and biggest hit being the song "Tous les Garçons et les Filles." She recorded with the biggest names in French pop culture and made a name for herself in the UK and the USA. Mick Jagger and Bob Dylan were photographed with her. A fascinating film about her life will surely be made one day.

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