NewsFrance Prepares for High-Intensity Conflict Amid Rising European Tensions

France Prepares for High-Intensity Conflict Amid Rising European Tensions

France Prepares for High-Intensity Conflict Amid Rising European Tensions
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9:11 AM EDT, March 11, 2024

Colonel Axel Denis, head of the combat training center (CENTAC) in Mailly-le-Camp, eastern France, shared with Politico, "The world has shown its true colors: unstable, dangerous, and not everyone is an ally." He continued, "We are getting ready to be alert and prepared at a moment's notice. CENTAC is the only place [in France] where one can truly grasp what war entails."

The training at CENTAC meticulously mimics real battlefield conditions, earning it the eerie nickname "fields of death." Artillery simulators recreate battle noises, heat, and flashes across the training grounds, complete with mock mines. Radio communications can be cut off unexpectedly as part of the exercises.

The expansive 46-square-mile camp is unparalleled in France. Its size, surpassing that of Paris, allows for the collective training of diverse French army units - from infantry and armor to artillery and engineers - usually dispersed across the nation. It also stands out as the only site constantly engaging two dozen Leclerc tanks throughout the year.

Embracing a new reality

Following a meeting in Vilnius with the foreign ministers from the Baltic states and Ukraine, France's top diplomat, Stephane Sejourne, emphasized the imperative of thwarting a Russian victory in Ukraine. "Should that occur, the consequences would be dire," he warned.

Clearly aware that Russia's ambitions extend beyond Ukraine, the concerns raised by our allies—the Baltic states, Poland, and Moldova—regarding the spread of Russian hostility are well-founded. "This is an existential crisis for Europe," Sejourne remarked during the press briefing.

According to the French minister, fortifying Europe's defense capabilities and defense industry is essential for maintaining security.

Accepting the harsh new reality that the era of peace in Europe is over is imperative, stated Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine's foreign minister. He stressed the vital need for continuous and unrestricted Western military support to counter Russian aggression effectively.

– "The sporadic military support for Ukraine is insufficient. The current state of affairs spells trouble for everyone. We urgently need an uninterrupted and comprehensive supply of ammunition to Ukraine to maintain its resistance against Russia," Kuleba underscored.

Source: Politico, PAP

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