NewsFrance: Massive farmers protests, "siege under Paris"

France: Massive farmers protests, "siege under Paris"

France: Massive farmers protests, "siege under Paris"
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11:51 AM EST, January 29, 2024, updated: 7:08 AM EST, February 1, 2024

French farmers blocked eight major highways leading to Paris in protest against deteriorating economic conditions.

- We are holding a siege in Chartres, one hour from Paris. It's part of the blockade ... the goal is to put pressure on the government. It will happen naturally. Parisians are going to be hungry. The goal is to starve Parisians. According to the BBC, that's it - said one of the protesting farmers.

Why are farmers protesting?

They point to two main problems. First is UE climate regulations, which, according to them, negatively affect French agriculture. The second reason is said to be the war in Ukraine, which has dramatically raised food prices and fertilizers. Farmers stress that due to these problems, "agricultural production has fallen to the limit of profitability".

French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal spoke to farmers on Friday, promising them concessions. However, the protesters rejected them. Authorities have mobilized 15,000 police in response to the threats and tanks from the French armed forces to disperse a potential "blockade" of tractors.

However, the farmers managed to blockade the capital of France. Experts indicate that up to 1,500 tractors were used in the blockade of Paris. - The aim is not to annoy the public but to get answers from the government to come up with further measures - point out Clément Torpier, the president of the Île de France Young Farmers on BFMTV station.

- The siege of Paris is being prepared with the quasi-military organization (...) We’ve thought of everything and have prepared meticulously. We’re not leaving anything to chance to make it an actual long-term siege - admitted Stéphane Sanchez, director of the FNSEA (National Federation of Agricultural Holders' Unions).

The prime minister is expected to meet with representatives of agricultural trade unions later this Monday.

Source: Fox News

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