NewsFrance elevates terror threat level to maximum ahead of Olympics

France elevates terror threat level to maximum ahead of Olympics

Another country raises the threat level. "To the highest degree"
Another country raises the threat level. "To the highest degree"
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6:11 AM EDT, March 25, 2024

The French government has raised its terrorism threat level to the maximum in reaction to the devastating attack that occurred in Krasnogorsk, near Moscow, where over 130 persons lost their lives. Prime Minister Gabriel Attal made this announcement late Sunday evening, Eastern Time.
Responsibility for the assault in Krasnogorsk has been claimed by the Islamic State. Given this event and other looming threats, France has opted to increase its state of alert.

Four months until the Olympics

"In response to the Islamic State's claim over the Krasnogorsk attack and the various threats our nation confronts, we have decided to elevate the alert level to its highest," Attal stated on the X platform.
This decision followed a meeting led by French President Emmanuel Macron at the National Defense and Security Council. This meeting took place four months before the Olympic Games are set to kick off in Paris on July 26.

Prime Minister Attal's office warned that the Islamic State represents a significant threat to France, having been implicated in numerous foiled attempts across European nations, including Germany and France.

Threat of attack "inevitable"

With the raised alert level, Prime Minister Attal has scheduled a meeting with all relevant security services for Monday. "France's terrorism warning system comprises three levels, with the highest level implemented following an attack either in France or abroad, or when the possibility of such an attack becomes imminent," as reported by Reuters.

France is not alone in increasing its alert level. On Sunday, Italy also tightened security nationwide, intensifying protections at key locations, such as places of worship, embassies, train stations, and airports, following a directive from the Interior Ministry, according to Ansa.

The attack prompted this heightened security on Friday. Terrorists targeted the Crocus City Hall concert venue in Krasnogorsk, Moscow's suburb. They unleashed gunfire on attendees before detonating explosive devices.

The blasts caused a fire, ultimately leading to the roof's collapse.
The Islamic State Khorasan Province, an offshoot of IS in Afghanistan, has taken responsibility for this gruesome act.
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