Tips&TricksFour years and hundreds of miles: Irish family's long-lost cat Blueberry found in unexpected reunion

Four years and hundreds of miles: Irish family's long-lost cat Blueberry found in unexpected reunion

The cat traveled 240 kilometers.
The cat traveled 240 kilometers.
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2:56 PM EST, February 18, 2024

Cats are remarkable creatures. In ancient Egypt, they held a divine status and were protected by strict penalties for those who harmed them. Having been domesticated around 9,500 years ago, they now hold the title of one of the most popular pets worldwide. Their popularity is attributed to their endearing qualities, which have earned them a special place in the hearts of millions. However, they sometimes run away from home, owing to their innate nature.

Such was the predicament of a family from Northern Ireland whose cat, named Blueberry, one day disappeared. Dejected, the family eventually lost any expectation of a blissful reunion with their cherished pet, even after years of relentless searching. Out of the blue, the long-lost cat was found after 4 years, and much to their surprise, hundreds of miles away.

Cat reunited with family after 4 years of disappearance

Anyone who has lost a pet knows the anguish and trepidation accompanying losing a dear animal friend. The Smyth family from Northern Ireland also grappled with this ordeal when their cat went missing in November 2019 in Bangor, County Down. When it left home, the cat was aged 6, equivalent to a 10-year-old in cat years when it was rediscovered. In a conversation with British media, the owners of Blueberry disclosed that they had entirely abandoned hopes of finding their cat. However, in this unexpected event, the reality turned out to be a lucky stroke of luck, if not a mini-miracle. Remarkably, the cat was spotted four years later in western Ireland.

The fortunate cat was spotted by a kind resident of Moycullen who noticed a lost and sickly animal aimlessly wandering in his town. Realizing that the homeless cat required specialist help, he decided to take it to a local vet. Upon examination at the veterinary clinic, it was revealed that the cat was afflicted with cat flu.

Special microchip leads to the cat's reunification with its owners

Fortunately, the now-found Blueberry was embedded with a microchip. An initial search in the database yielded no fruitful results. The vets decided to cross-verify with the international Europetnet network, a system encompassing databases from 26 European countries. This initiative successfully revealed the missing cat's identity as Blueberry, last seen in November 2019 in Bangor, a coastal location in Northern Ireland. It became apparent that the adventurous cat had managed to traverse more than 150 miles over 4 years.

As The Guardian reports, the pet's owners were left flabbergasted on receiving a phone call notifying them about the whereabouts of their long-lost pet. The news was unbelievable, considering the long period it had been missing. Fortunately, this delightful narrative ended on a happy note. The cat returned home while managing to recognize its owners instantly.

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