SportsFormer WWE wrestler Billy Jack Haynes accused of fatally shooting wife in Portland home standoff

Former WWE wrestler Billy Jack Haynes accused of fatally shooting wife in Portland home standoff

Billy Jack Haynes
Billy Jack Haynes
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2:43 AM EST, February 12, 2024

Haynes, a prominent former wrestler, barricaded himself in his house for two hours before finally surrendering and being apprehended by the authorities. The body of his 85-year-old wife, Janette Becraft, was discovered within the property. Haynes has been taken into custody, although the possible motive for the presumed murder remains undisclosed.

Authorities have confirmed that Haynes is currently being held in a local hospital, receiving treatment for an unrelated illness.

Upon discharge from the hospital, which is anticipated to be within a few days, Haynes is expected to be transferred to jail. The charges against Haynes will be announced following his transfer, according to an official communique.

William Albert Haynes, better known as Billy Jack Haynes, gained prominence in the wrestling scene, starting his career in local bouts in Portland. Vince McMahon's group spotted his talent in the '80s, leading to Haynes' participation in WrestleMania III.

Haynes' major event was the acclaimed victory of Hulk Hogan over Andre The Giant. Haynes concluded his wrestling career in 1995, after appearances in New Japan Pro Wrestling, WCW, and USWA.

The victim's daughter, Kim Becraft, mourns her mother's loss on Facebook, writing "Now you are flying with the angels. They are fortunate to have such a beautiful soul. I love you, Mom."

According to U.S. reports, Becraft was the mother of another professional wrestler, Tod Becraft, who performed under the ring name of Tod Ruhl. After the death of her first husband Dwight, she later married Haynes.

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