NewsFormer President Wałęsa sees 'historic opportunity' to guide Russia's global path

Former President Wałęsa sees 'historic opportunity' to guide Russia's global path

Lech Wałęsa
Lech Wałęsa
Images source: © CNN

9:34 AM EST, February 10, 2024

Making an appearance on the program "The Lead" on CNN, Wałęsa expressed that there is a significant opportunity at present to direct Russia towards a more globally approved path.
"The world is very united against Russia at this moment, and this should be leveraged to guide Russia onto the right path," he commented, emphasizing the historical quirk of this occasion and its limited availability.
Wałęsa called upon the USA to "lead" this endeavor, pointing out that the focus should remain on impactful communication.
"The age of physical power struggles is over. Today we must engage in battles using well-reasoned arguments, politically," he elaborated.
According to Wałęsa, it’s imperative to persuade Russians to reconsider their political system. He underscored the importance of making the citizens cognizant of the challenging situation they are navigating.
"Tomorrow, Putin may come for you, draft you into the army, and you could die too. Do you want death or a chance at life?" he posited.
He candidly shared that, while the Russian president "employs lies instead of facts and still wins", it raises a question regarding the US's approach. "Why can't Americans prevail through truthful, political propaganda?" he questioned.
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