NewsFormer Israeli prime minister accuses Netanyahu of 'Nervous Breakdown' amid security concerns

Former Israeli prime minister accuses Netanyahu of 'Nervous Breakdown' amid security concerns

Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin Netanyahu
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12:26 PM EST, November 9, 2023

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, in an interview with Politico, has claimed that Benjamin Netanyahu, present Prime Minister of Israel, is having a "nervous breakdown". This potential breakdown has been related to Netanyahu's failure to ensure national security during the fatal Hamas attacks on October 7.

"Netanyahu has lost his way. He's emotionally devastated, and there's no doubting that," affirmed Olmert during his conversation.

He continued, "Every minute that he serves as Prime Minister is endangering Israel. I'm saying this in all seriousness. I believe that the Americans are well aware of his deteriorating condition." Olmert is a former leader of the liberal Kadima party, who headed the Israeli government from 2006 to 2009.

Olmert believes that after the conclusion of conflict, the priority for Tel Aviv should be to negotiate a final agreement in Gaza. This should include resumption of discussions for the establishment of a Palestinian state, instead of reinstating full military control over Gaza.

"Returning to the pre-2005 situation"

Olmert takes Netanyahu's plans to retain post-war security control over the Gaza Strip as evidence of his improper approach. Netanyahu mentioned these plans in a recent conversation with ABC. Olmert warned that such a course of action, in reality, would equate to reverting to the situation before 2005, when Israel exerted military dominance over the coastal territory.

"Controlling Gaza's security isn't in Israel's best interest," declared Olmert. "Our interest lies in devising defensive strategies different from those used pre-October 7 attacks. But to regain control over Gaza? Absolutely not," reaffirmed the ex-Israeli Prime Minister.

Additionally, Olmert issued a warning that Israel's Western allies are quickly losing patience with Netanyahu and his cabinet members. These allies are discontented with the Israeli government's inability to draft a realistic plan regarding governance of Gaza post the removal of Hamas. Concurrently, the ex-Prime Minister criticizes Israel's war cabinet for their lack of a realistic evaluation of the present state of affairs.

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