NewsFormer bodyguard to Putin: From lifesaver to Kremlin successor?

Former bodyguard to Putin: From lifesaver to Kremlin successor?

Putin and Diumin
Putin and Diumin
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7:01 AM EDT, May 16, 2024

Is there a successor to Putin? Reports from media outlets worldwide suggest that the dictator's former bodyguard might be groomed for the role. Aleksey Dyumin, a longstanding figure within the Kremlin, is now stepping into the spotlight as a special assistant, making him a possible deputy to Putin.

Vladimir Putin was inaugurated just a week ago in Russia. Despite the recent ceremony, the dictator has initiated significant and unexpected shifts among ministers. One of the earliest departures was Sergei Shoigu of the Ministry of Defense, signaling the beginning of a series of forthcoming transitions.

According to the British publication The Sun, another significant rearrangement within the Kremlin could be on the horizon. The term's special assistant to Putin is said to be his former bodyguard. This 51-year-old has been by the Russian leader's side nearly from the start, leading British observers to speculate he might carry the president's agenda forward.

Putin owes his life to him

Aleksey Dyumin is a familiar face in the Kremlin. He was formerly the Governor of Tula Oblast. However, before his gubernatorial role, he was a crucial figure in the Federal Protective Service, tasked with the president's security. During this period, he forged a close connection with Vladimir Putin.

This relationship, it appears, has garnered Dyumin significant trust from the dictator—a notable achievement since he has been by Putin's side since his first term. It was in this capacity that Dyumin reportedly saved Putin's life.

During a secretive vacation in the mountains, they were attacked by a bear. Dyumin recounts how his prompt action prevented the dictator's death by the animal. This bravery seems to have left a lasting impression on Putin, who has decided to reward his savior.

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