NewsFor five years, he stayed confined to his house. One of Russia's heaviest men has passed away

For five years, he stayed confined to his house. One of Russia's heaviest men has passed away

Leonid didn't leave the house for five years.
Leonid didn't leave the house for five years.
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7:27 AM EST, November 26, 2023

A few years ago, Leonid Andreyev was an active serviceman with a keen interest in sports during his leisure time. However, a sudden bout of rapid weight gain starting in 2018 led him into a severe cycle of obesity. The Russian man passed away on November 17, after spending the last five years of his life bedridden.

Leonid Andreyev, aged 60, was a resident of the village Armizonskoje in Russia. A decade ago, he weighed about 154 pounds, indulging in sports, and enjoying hunting. On November 17, 2023, he was found deceased due to a heart attack caused by severe obesity.

Andreyev stayed home bound for five years

Andreyev led an active life. He was a military worker, managed a farm, and even indulged in wrestling. Everything changed in 2018 when his life took an unexpected turn.

Post his military service, the 60-year-old took up a job as a driver, during which he started gaining weight rapidly. Upon medical consultation, doctors diagnosed him with metabolic disorders. They suggested an austere diet and regular physical activity. However, Andreyev didn't adhere to the advice and kept isolating himself within his house, eating excessively.

"Three months after leaving the military service, my weight had already escalated to 236 pounds," Leonid explained.

In 2018, Andreyev stopped going out of his house. He spent his days in bed, sleeping or watching TV. His neighbors took over his grocery shopping and house cleaning and would receive apples from his orchard and some cash in return.

An article and a documentary about Andreyev were produced and shared on the website in November. In the interviews, the 60-year-old admitted ignoring his diet for the past few years while spending his days unproductively.

"I start my day by preparing food, eat a bit, then watch TV... I ate heavy food such as oatmeal, rolls, potatoes, bread which potentially led to my weight gain," he revealed.

Leonid expressed his desire to change and shed his excess weight. He wished to stand on his feet again and move more. He planned to lose about 110 pounds. Sadly, he passed away a few days post his conversation with journalists.

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