SportsFootball star Endrick signs unconventional agreement with partner

Football star Endrick signs unconventional agreement with partner

Gabriely Miranda in a photo with Endrick
Gabriely Miranda in a photo with Endrick
Images source: © Instagram | Gabriely Miranda

12:24 PM EDT, May 20, 2024

Gabriely Miranda spoke out about her agreement with football player Endrick for the first time. The model revealed information that the media had not previously reported.

Endrick is preparing for his 18th birthday, which he will celebrate on July 21. The footballer has already played matches for the Brazilian national team, and this summer, he will move from his homeland to Spain. Real Madrid has already bought the forward from Palmeiras. Endrick's contract with the Spanish champions will fully take effect once he reaches adulthood.

Endrick's life partner is a model, Gabriely Miranda, who is three years older. It's no secret that the teenager is so convinced he's found his lifelong love that he wants to marry Gabriely Miranda. His parents, however, did not allow it.

The footballer and the model decided to formalize their romantic relationship differently. They signed an agreement that the media wrote about a few weeks ago. Gabriely Miranda spoke about the agreement for the first time on Instagram and revealed some previously unknown details.

Endrick signed an agreement banning him from commenting on Instagram photos of girls other than Gabriely Miranda. Thus, the Brazilian must be cautious while using the social media platform. If he writes something impulsively and the model finds out, he faces punishment.

Gabriely Miranda does not allow Endrick to play the role of a flirt in the online game Grand Theft Auto Online. Therefore, the footballer cannot try flirting in the virtual world.

However, Gabriele Miranda didn't forbid everything. She revealed that the agreement does not prohibit the Real Madrid player from taking photos with fans or going out to parties without her. The Brazilian subtly noted, however, that she prefers to know the company Endrick is keeping.

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