FoodFoods to avoid at dinner for a better night's sleep

Foods to avoid at dinner for a better night's sleep

Here's advice on what products to avoid for a good night's sleep.
Here's advice on what products to avoid for a good night's sleep.
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8:31 PM EDT, May 19, 2024

What you eat for your last meal of the day significantly affects how you sleep. It has long been known that it is better not to overeat in the evening. However, we are not always aware of which specific foods can disrupt our night's relaxation. Here are some tips on what to avoid.

Dinner should be the smallest meal of the day in terms of volume. Eating it 2-3 hours before bed is best to avoid burdening the stomach at night. Additionally, consider the types of foods you consume in the evening, as some can disrupt sleep. It's not even worth mentioning alcohol, as it is well-known to stimulate the nervous system and significantly disturb nighttime rest. What other foods and meals can cause restless sleep?

Do not eat these before bedtime

Tomatoes and tomato products. Generally, vegetables are recommended for dinner because they are easy to digest. However, tomatoes can irritate the stomach lining and increase the body's pH. This can lead to indigestion and heartburn, making it very difficult to sleep. Be mindful of juices, soups, or sauces whose main ingredient is tomatoes, as they can have the same effects as fresh tomatoes.

Cheeses. At the top of the list is yellow cheese. While it contains a lot of protein and tryptophan, which aid in falling asleep, it is also a fatty and high-calorie product, similar to blue cheeses. Large amounts of fat can disrupt sleep. Therefore, it is better not to plan cheese feasts in the evening and instead choose low-fat cottage cheese for dinner.

Spicy dishes. Spicy snacks, such as those seasoned with pepper, can exacerbate insomnia. Dishes that burn the mouth also irritate the digestive tract and burden the liver. They can also contribute to hyperacidity, making peaceful sleep impossible.

Sweets. It's better to skip desserts and sugary drinks after dinner. Sugar equals calories and energy that we do not need at night. Most sweets are also hard to digest, and many contain fats, including trans fats. This burdens the body and often contributes to insomnia.

Dark chocolate contains caffeine. While dark chocolate has many health benefits, it's better not to eat it in the evening.

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