LifestyleFlower care secrets: How to extend the life of your bouquet at home

Flower care secrets: How to extend the life of your bouquet at home

Flowers do not like certain places in the home.
Flowers do not like certain places in the home.
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7:28 AM EST, February 15, 2024

The art of flower care applies not only to potted plants but also to cut ones. A beautiful bouquet requires appropriate care to extend its lifespan. Part of this involves understanding the neighboring plants that certain flowers may not tolerate. By not carefully considering where to place the vase, the life of a beautiful bouquet might be curtailed.

Practical advice to prevent flowers from wilting too quickly

For the longevity of cut flowers, a certain level of attention is necessary. If they are neglected, they will wilt rapidly. Changing the vase's water regularly, ideally once daily, is recommended. Now and then, say, every few days, it's worth trimming about 0.4-0.8 inches from the ends of the stems at an angle. This procedure enhances the flower's water absorption capability, thereby keeping them fresh for a longer period.

Special fertilizers often accompany bouquets and can be very useful. Comparable ones can be purchased at a flower shop. Alternatively, homemade methods can be just as effective. Adding a spoonful of sugar to the water gives the flowers nutrients, while a matchstick inserted into the lower part of the stem (head inward) slows down the rotting process.

Locations to avoid placing a vase: Bad neighborhoods can be detrimental

Cut flowers should never be positioned in places exposed to direct sunlight or near heat sources, like a stove or radiator. These environments are not only harmful to the flowers but also heat the vase's water. Remember, the proximity to other plants, especially household fruits, is essential.

A vase filled with a vibrant bouquet amidst scattered fruits may appeal visually, but many overlook that flowers kept in such environments wilt faster. This is due to the ethylene released by bananas or apples, among other fruits. To maintain the bouquet's freshness longer, keep it away from kiwis, pears, peaches, tomatoes, and avocados.

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