Tips&TricksFlorida's singing Uber driver turns rides into party, garners millions of TikTok followers

Florida's singing Uber driver turns rides into party, garners millions of TikTok followers

Taxi passengers
Taxi passengers
Images source: © Getty Images, TikTok | Oscar Wong, lyricswithlinda

6:21 AM EST, January 7, 2024

For many, a taxi isn't just a mode of transportation. It often serves as a confessional, where passengers unburden their concerns to the driver. Besides providing a safe and comfortable drive, many taxi drivers strive to make their passengers' journeys enjoyable. There are drivers like Linda who genuinely love their job and bring a spark of joy to their passengers' experience. Her unique approach has won her millions of admirers online.

Taxi Karaoke

Linda's novel approach to her job made her a sensation on TikTok, earning her a global fan base comprising passengers and netizens alike. She decided to add an entertaining twist to her passengers' commutes by installing a karaoke kit in her taxi - featuring an iPad and a microphone. Along with this, she has also illuminated the car's interior with various LED lights. As her passengers, you'd be forgiven for feeling like you were at an upscale club party. Between the vibrant lights, loud music, and the opportunity to sing your favorite songs, your taxi ride with Linda promises to be a thrilling experience.

TikTok's Favourite Taxi Driver

She captures her entertaining rides on social media and shares them with her ever-growing following. Linda’s TikTok account is brimming with positive comments, boasting around 340,000 followers and a staggering eight million likes. Her videos attract millions of viewers globally. A video she posted on November 25, 2023, went viral, racking over 13 million views. The clip features Linda and her passengers singing the hit song "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)". Countless passengers have expressed their desire to bestow Linda a 5-star review - the highest rating on the platform, owing to her infectious energy and charm. This popularity also garners her tips.

Where Can You Find Singing Linda?

An Uber ride with Linda is a prospect that many look forward to. Unfortunately, the opportunity is limited to those located within the US. Internet users suggest that Linda drives her party taxi exclusively in Tampa, Florida. Some are even considering a trip to the US to experience her Uber ride. However, being in Tampa might not guarantee a ride with Linda due to her ever-increasing popularity, resulting in a surge of ride bookings.

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