NewsFloods unleash havoc in Russia: 400,000 seek aid

Floods unleash havoc in Russia: 400,000 seek aid

400 thousand people are appealing to Vladimir Putin. They are demanding actions.
400 thousand people are appealing to Vladimir Putin. They are demanding actions.
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8:42 AM EDT, April 23, 2024

Approximately 400,000 compensation claims have been submitted by residents of the Orenburg region due to devastating floods. The sudden arrival of warm spring weather, leading to rapid snowmelt and a swift rise in river levels, is the primary cause of the floods.

Severe floods have been challenging Russia for several days. The Orenburg region has been notably affected by the flooding of the Ural River. In contrast, crossing through Siberia's Tyumen and Omsk regions and northern Kazakhstan, the Ishim River has also exceeded its banks.

The entire length of the Ural River (1,491 miles), originating from mountains bearing the same name, has seen severe overflow. Such extensive flooding in the Orenburg region has been unprecedented for decades. Similarly, Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev reports that his country is facing its most significant flooding in 80 years.

So far, the inhabitants of the Orenburg region have lodged around 400,000 requests for compensation payments, as conveyed by the Russian Federation's Ministry of Emergency Situations press services to TASS. Residents are reaching out directly to Vladimir Putin, seeking his intervention.

From the Orenburg region, about 400,000 requests for financial help have been submitted. Already, over 800 million rubles have been disbursed, with continuous review of applications and damage assessments. Each applicant receives individually tailored support in preparing their documentation, according to the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

As detailed by the Ministry of Emergency Situations, 51 damage assessment commissions are in operation within Orenburg. They note that inspections of all homes within the flood zone will commence as soon as the water levels recede. Over 150 personnel are involved in these efforts.

The speed at which lists are compiled and the effectiveness of the work to quantify disaster-related damages are crucial for ensuring timely delivery of material aid to the affected population, we learn.

As of the latest update, on April 22 in Orsk, the water level on the Ural River decreased by 6 inches per day to 162 feet, and in Orenburg, it went down by 26 inches to 308 feet.

Causes of the Extensive Flooding in Russia

The primary cause of the flooding is the sudden onset of warm spring weather, causing quick snowmelt and rapid river flow increases. The excessive water has submerged nearby villages and towns, creating a critical situation.

"More than half of this year's floods in the region originated from rapid snowmelt, one-third from heavy rainfall, and about 15 percent from ice jams in rivers," Maria Szagedanova, a climatologist from the University of Reading, reports.
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