LifestyleFlight attendant reveals passenger antics

Flight attendant reveals passenger antics

The flight attendant runs a popular account on TikTok.
The flight attendant runs a popular account on TikTok.
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1:41 PM EST, November 16, 2023

Destanie, a 25-year-old flight attendant, runs a TikTok account where she shares insights about her job. She reveals how to prepare for a career as a flight attendant and shares fascinating facts about what goes on in flight. Recently, she provided insight into the lengths some passengers will go to secure a better set on an airplane.

While Destanie chooses not to disclose the airline she works for, she doesn't shy away from divulging details about her work. Her followers frequently ask her questions. She recently answered a question related to whether passengers often attempt to sneak into business class and whether the crew permits it.

Accessing business class upgrades - when is it possible?

A common hope among many passengers flying with standard airlines is the prospect of receiving an upgrade from economy to business class at the airport. Some proactive passengers take matters into their own hands by employing various tactics in an attempt to experience a taste of airborne luxury.

Destanie clarifies that decisions to alter seating arrangements aren't made by the flight crew but by the gate staff.

"Any requests for class changes must be managed at the gate." Destanie highlights that flight attendants don't handle class upgrades. The cabin crew are not permitted to suggest such changes to passengers. Interestingly, employers view moving someone to a superior seat without the requisite fare as theft.

"First class is usually full," Destanie adds. "So luckily, there are few opportunities for passengers to cause disruptions."

If seats become available, the airline assigns them to economy class passengers who might be affiliated with the airline's membership program. However, this doesn't deter some passengers from trying their luck.

"Men often flirt with me, hoping I'll relocate them to first class," admits the flight attendant. "They compliment my appearance, hoping flattery will secure them an upgrade. One man once told me I was the prettiest crew member he'd ever seen. He later inquired about available seats in first class," she recalls with amusement.

Destanie reiterates that such changes are not permissible and insists that passengers must stay in their assigned seats.

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