LifestyleFlare sweatpants take over: The comfort chic trend revived

Flare sweatpants take over: The comfort chic trend revived

Hailey Bieber showed what she wears instead of leggings.
Hailey Bieber showed what she wears instead of leggings.
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6:43 PM EDT, May 10, 2024
It seems like the reign of classic leggings, clinging tightly to the calf, might soon be over. Leading the pack in the fashion trend race are the flare-cut sweatpants, now a favorite amongst fashion it-girls.

"Flare sweatpants" have become a hot search topic recently. Could we be longing for our beloved hippie-style pants while still craving the comfort we've grown accustomed to during the pandemic?

In reality, flare sweatpants are returning from the Y2K era, fondly remembered by millennials who strutted the streets in Juicy Couture sets in the 2000s. However, the modern rendition of flare sweatpants boasts a much more sophisticated look.

The height of extravagance

Jessica Mercedes is known for her love of eccentric trends, embodying the "the weirder, the better" mantra. Pairing fur with gray flare sweatpants and white booties might have been considered the height of tackiness a decade ago, but fashion is ever-changing. Now, styles from the turn of the millennium are enjoying a resurgence.

The ideal base

For those who value comfort and sporty style, the trendy silhouette of flare-cut leggings is a must-have. Anna Lewandowska showcases this, taking flare sweatpants into the training room and making them dance. They serve as a stylish foundation for various looks and captivate with their unique and eye-catching cut.

Jessica Mercedes is a fan of flare sweatpants.
Jessica Mercedes is a fan of flare sweatpants.© Instagram

In afternoon circumstances

Hailey Bieber, another it-girl, wears flare sweatpants for casual afternoon outings. She wears a neutral sand shade that pairs easily with any color. Teamed with plush slippers and a leather jacket, these pants transcend the realms of "home clothes" and "gym wear."

Anna Lewandowska in sweatpants flares
Anna Lewandowska in sweatpants flares© Instagram

Flare sweatpants in good style

Kendall Jenner proves that comfortable, stretchy pants with a flare cut can star in high fashion styling. She combines them with a suede jacket, crop top, cowboy boots, and a chic "baguette" bag, highlighting the flare that effortlessly accentuates the hips and waist.
Hailey Bieber goes for flare sweatpants
Hailey Bieber goes for flare sweatpants© Getty Images

Zoom on patterns

On a different note, Jennifer Lopez chose stretchy flares with geometric patterns, stepping away from the everyday leggings or wide-leg sweatpants. The high-waisted design emphasizes the waist and offers a playful canvas for cropped top experiments, striking a balance with the wide, flared leg for symmetrical allure.

Kendall Jenner in stretch flares
Kendall Jenner in stretch flares© Getty Images | TheStewartOfNY

They match everything

Leading the charge in this trend is Bella Hadid, a prominent advocate for the comfort and versatility of flare pants. She's often spotted in these comfy flares not just at the gym but also as a fashionable alternative to leggings, jeans, corduroys, or suede trousers. Their adaptability in styling, coupled with undeniable comfort, has secured them a spot on our shopping list. Have they made it onto yours?

Jennifer Lopez in patterned bell-bottoms
Jennifer Lopez in patterned bell-bottoms© Getty Images | Christopher Polk
Bella Hadid in flared leggings
Bella Hadid in flared leggings© Getty Images
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