EntertainmentFirst photo from the hit's sequel. The iconic policeman returns

First photo from the hit's sequel. The iconic policeman returns

"Eddie Murphy as "Beverly Hills Cop""
"Eddie Murphy as "Beverly Hills Cop""
Images source: © Getty Images | 1984 CBS Photo Archive

8:23 AM EST, November 22, 2023

Surprise: next year commemorates 40 years since the launch of the renowned crime comedy "Beverly Hills Cop". Even more exciting is Eddie Murphy's return to his fourth reprisal as the charming policeman, Axel Foley. Perhaps the film's premiere will align with this milestone anniversary.

Martin Brest's productions ("Scent of a Woman" and "Joe Black") were based on a script by Daniel Petrie Junior ("Turner & Hooch"). The film, made for a mere $14 million, amassed an impressive profit of up to $316 million. Its narrative, revolving around a detective who started investigating after a friend's death, garnered millions of fans worldwide.

The title's popularity inspired directors to capitalize on it. Tony Scott ("Top Gun") filmed the sequel in 1987, based on a script by Larry Ferguson ("Alien 3") and Warren Skaaren ("Beetlejuice", 1989's "Batman"). Its plot, focusing on a jewelry store robbery and theft of costly jewels, resonated with audiences. The sequel grossed almost $300 million at the box office against a $28 million budget, leading to a third installment.

In 1994, the third part was led by John Landis ("Blues Brothers," "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids"), and the script was crafted by Steven E. De Souza ("Commando," "Die Hard") and Danilo Bach ("Beverly Hills Cop"). Unfortunately, this installment didn't achieve the same level of success. Despite a $50 million budget, the amusement park-themed film grossed only $119 million. It also received two Golden Raspberry nominations.

"Beverly Hills Cop IV": What we know so far

Regardless, the trilogy featuring a wily Beverly Hills detective with Eddie Murphy's affable face still holds a special place in audiences' hearts. Excitement is mounting with the onset of work on Alex Foley's continued adventures. No one asked for it, but everyone needed it.

The age-defying 62-year-old star is not the only actor returning from the iconic series. The sequel will also feature Judge Reinhold (Detective Billy Rosewood), Paul Reiser (Jeffrey Friedman from the second film), and Bronson Pinchot (Serge from the third part). Jerry Bruckheimer will once again serve as the producer.

In his interview with "Empire" magazine, he confidently stated that Murphy remains in top form. "Every day when Eddie Murphy showed up on set, you never knew what you were in for. And it was consistently riveting. It felt like a daily throwback to the '80s," he lauded.

Eddie Murphy on the set of the movie "Beverly Hills Cop IV"
Eddie Murphy on the set of the movie "Beverly Hills Cop IV"© Press materials

Murphy will be joined on screen by the reserved Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The duo reportedly exudes a captivating on-screen chemistry. "Joseph is the perfect straight man to Eddie's comedic genius," Bruckheimer claims. The film will also star Kevin Bacon, who plays an officer from a special police unit in Los Angeles.

The plot reportedly kicks off with a case being handled by Foley's daughter (Taylour Paige), a young lawyer. The story will be directed by Mark Molloy, marking his debut in feature films.

Will the continuation of the trilogy maintain its level?
Will the continuation of the trilogy maintain its level?© Getty Images | 1984 CBS Photo Archive
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