TechFirst flight of Bayraktar TB3. The new drone makes a huge impression

First flight of Bayraktar TB3. The new drone makes a huge impression

Bayraktar TB3 during its first flight
Bayraktar TB3 during its first flight
Images source: © BAYKAR

8:19 PM EDT, October 23, 2023

The Bayraktar TB3 completed its initial flights. The Turkish assault drone successfully underwent takeoff and landing tests. It's a new machine developed by Baykar Makina company, which they ensure will be even more menacing than the Bayraktar TB2, which sowed fear among the Russians during the war in Ukraine.

Information about Bayraktar TB3 has been circulating in the public sphere for many months. In January, the completion of the design phase was confirmed and it was announced that mass production should begin even before the end of 2023.

Most likely, nothing will disrupt the manufacturer's plans anymore, because the first flights of the Bayraktar TB3 have been called a complete success. As evidence of their completion, several photos have been published online, as well as a video showing the drone taking off.

First flights of Bayraktar TB3

The Bayraktar TB2 drones, which Poland also purchases for its own needs, have gained fame through actions in Ukraine. Turkey has strengthened the defenders' army with its drones, and it quickly became apparent that they could pose a significant threat to the enemy army. Especially in the first months of the war, the Ukrainians effectively eliminated a lot of valuable Russian equipment using these unmanned vehicles.

As the invaders erected more and more air defense systems, the number of attacks decreased, but Bayraktar TB2 drones are still being used on the front line, including for observation. They attack when the opportunity arises, which the crew of the Russian landing boat found out last month.

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The most important features of Bayraktar TB3

Compared to its predecessor, the Bayraktar TB3 will not only be larger, but also even more dangerous. It is designed to perform reconnaissance, observational, as well as combat missions.

The new drone measures over 26 feet in length (the Bayraktar TB2 is 21 feet). It can accelerate to even 186 mph (instead of 137 mph) and carry up to 485 lbs of payload, primarily weapons suspended under the wings. The take-off weight of the Bayraktar TB3 is as much as 3197 lbs, while for Bayraktar TB2 it is 1433 lbs.

The Turks have high hopes for the new drones. They have previously declared that among other things, these will determine the strength of the TCG Anadolu, the first aircraft carrier of their military. Although the Bayraktar TB3 looks similar to its predecessor, a significant structural change is its foldable wings. As a result, the machine now has the capability to take off and land on short runways, including aircraft carriers. This also makes it easier to store, for example, below a ship's deck.

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