EntertainmentFirst a hit series, now a popular reality show. There's more to come

First a hit series, now a popular reality show. There's more to come

The Netflix series debuted in mid-September 2021 and quickly made a sensation around the world.
The Netflix series debuted in mid-September 2021 and quickly made a sensation around the world.
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5:27 PM EST, December 8, 2023

On St. Nicholas' Day, Netflix subscribers tuned in for the finale of "Squid Game: The Challenge," a reality show inspired by the streaming success two years prior. Despite stirring up a fair amount of controversy, a decision was made to continue the program.

This South Korean production landed on the platform over two years ago and almost immediately rocketed to global popularity. A second season became inevitable - its premiere now set for October 2024. In November, a reality show inspired by the series narrative emerged on Netflix, gathering a significant viewer base. However, it did not debut without controversy.

The controversy around "Squid Game: The Challenge"

The first season of the show drew in participants with the lure of the largest-ever prize in television history, totaling $4.56 million. As if by no coincidence, 456 individuals battled for this prize, performing tasks from the original series. Controversies bubbled up when inside information began leaking from the set.

The filming ran into several obstacles. Cold weather made production difficult at the former Royal Air Force base in English Bedford - a place now known as Cardington Studios. Several contestants also sustained injuries - requiring medical aid - after an encounter with an infamous doll from a specific in-show discipline. The players themselves lamented about the production conditions, though these were mostly tied to the show's concept.

The continuation of the reality show

While "Squid Game: The Challenge" didn't receive overwhelming praise from viewers, the high viewership was evident. It's no surprise that the streaming behemoth decided to renew the show. Only two days after the first season finale, Netflix announced the creation of a follow-up season.

The next season is slated for 2025, after the debut of the second series season. Thus, it is likely that the reality show participants will once again engage in competitions derived from the Netflix sensation. The auditions for the program even started before the platform officially verified the show's continuation.

Squid Game: The Challenge | Official Trailer | Netflix

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