NewsFire in the streets of Berlin. Hamas supporters transported to the hospital after the explosion

Fire in the streets of Berlin. Hamas supporters transported to the hospital after the explosion

"Riots in Berlin involving Hamas supporters"
"Riots in Berlin involving Hamas supporters"
Images source: © X (Twitter) | Visegrad 24

10:31 AM EDT, October 18, 2023

Shocking scenes on the streets of Berlin. Hamas supporters clashed with police on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday (October 17/18). Protesters used fireworks, bottles, stones. The crowd was most likely infuriated by news of the bombing of a hospital in the Gaza Strip. Recordings from the riots in Berlin are being published on social media.

The German newspaper "Bild" reports on riots that took place from Tuesday to Wednesday (October 17/18) in Berlin. As we read, initially it was exceptionally quiet. About 300 people gathered at the Brandenburg Gate. Initially they held a vigil, then they left Pariser Platz.

Then the situation changed. The crowd began to be aggressive towards the police officers. The officers appealed to the protesting crowd to disperse. Hamas supporters were throwing stones at the officers.

German police responded with water cannons. Uniformed officers with their help also had to extinguish a fire caused by protestors.

The fire brigade that arrived on the scene was also attacked. Participants in the crowd used pyrotechnic materials. As a result of their aggression, electric scooters and playgrounds were set on fire.

Our rescue services were able to extinguish fires only with the support of the police. We helped two officers - the fire department in Berlin wrote.

According to "Bilda" reports, the police have arrested several people in relation to the riots. The operation, in which at least one police officer was injured, continued until 8pm Eastern Time. The situation then calmed down.

Gaza Strip: Explosion in Al-Ahli hospital

Recordings are appearing online showing the scale of riots in Berlin. As reported by Visegrad 24, the crowd was probably infuriated by news of an explosion in a hospital in the Gaza Strip.

Palestinians blame Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accuses of the attack "barbaric terrorists from Gaza". As a result of the incident, up to 500 people could have died.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict

On October 7, Hamas fighters attacked Israel. They carried out a rocket attack and infiltrated kibbutzim in the south of the country, where they committed murders and kidnappings. Approximately 1,400 people were killed.

Israel is conducting retaliatory actions. It is bombing targets in the Gaza Strip. As a result, nearly 3,000 people have already died. The Israeli Armed Forces are preparing to conduct operations in the Gaza Strip. They have appealed to civilians to evacuate to the south of the country, which Hamas strongly opposes.

The current war is another episode of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that has been ongoing for several decades.

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