NewsFire engulfs building in Tver, Russia, amid series of mysterious blazes

Fire engulfs building in Tver, Russia, amid series of mysterious blazes

Large fire in Russia. A modern building was ablaze.
Large fire in Russia. A modern building was ablaze.
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4:09 PM EDT, March 14, 2024

In a striking video shared on social media, flames engulf a multi-story building in Tver, Russia. The video showcases a building under construction as it becomes rapidly consumed by fire. The origins of the fire remain a mystery.

On Thursday, March 14, in Tver, Russia, a daunting scene unfolded as a multi-story building under construction was devoured by flames, with footage making its rounds on the internet, including a notable share on the Telegram channel "Tver".

The video captured by onlookers vividly shows the Atmosfera residential complex in the Southern district at Burashevskoye Shosse 60 being swiftly overtaken by fire.

The structure succumbed to the flames within minutes. A voice in the background comments on the building’s prolonged construction period of over a decade. highlights that, according to the Tver Region's main department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the fire was sparked by bitumen — a high viscosity organic mixture — ignited on the building's second floor. Efforts have successfully extinguished the fire, and authorities are currently investigating the incident's specifics.

It was disclosed just a day earlier that another residential building was set ablaze in the Belgorod region due to drone fragments landing on its roof, in the village of Streletskoye.

Sequential Fires Across Russia

Moreover, on the same Thursday, smoke was reported at Sochi airport. Videos circulated online show a portion of the airport in flames, drawing attention to Vladimir Putin's nearby Sochi residence.

Airport officials clarified that the smoke was part of a drill conducted by airport rescue teams in collaboration with city Emergency Ministry units. The fire was intentionally set as part of a training exercise for firefighters, according to local service representatives.
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