NewsFinnish Minister Warns of Escalated Russian Aggression in Europe

Finnish Minister Warns of Escalated Russian Aggression in Europe

Finnish Minister Warns of Escalated Russian Aggression in Europe
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4:31 AM EDT, March 19, 2024

Elina Valtonen, head of the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, expressed concern over Russia's increasing aggression in the coming years. She believes this aggression will intensify, regardless of the outcomes of the so-called elections in Russia, and emphasized that Putin will use the so-called mandate received to escalate aggression.

Valtonen warned that we must brace ourselves for Russia becoming a long-term and truly existential threat to Europe. The head of the Finnish Foreign Ministry was unequivocal in her belief that Russia, through its actions, disregards international values and norms. She firmly stated, "Russia, employing all its might, tramples international values and rules."

Valtonen underscored the need for Europe to react to these actions. She observed that few people desire a world where countries' borders can be altered and governments changed through coercion.

On Monday, Valtonen took part in a meeting with the heads of diplomacy from the European Union, the United States, and Ukraine. During this meeting, when asked by Finnish media about the possibility of deploying Western troops to Ukraine and if this issue was raised during her discussion with the U.S. Secretary of State,

Valtonen responded, "Now is not the time for that yet, but no measures should be excluded." However, she kept the specifics of her discussions with the American side confidential, especially since the U.S. previously opposed sending NATO troops to Ukraine.

Elections in Russia

Voting in Russia occurred not only in the unlawfully annexed territories of Ukraine but also across Russia. Workers were transported to polling stations in every part of the country, often casting their votes in the presence of soldiers, police officers, or security service members.

Source: PAP, Wiadomości WP

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