NewsFinland's PM warns of long conflict with Russia, urges EU defense boost

Finland's PM warns of long conflict with Russia, urges EU defense boost

The Prime Minister of Finland in the European Parliament warns against Russia.
The Prime Minister of Finland in the European Parliament warns against Russia.
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10:37 AM EDT, March 13, 2024

The remarks by the Prime Minister of Finland were in response to Vladimir Putin's statement in an interview with Russian propaganda media, where he called the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO an "absolutely senseless move" and mentioned plans to station troops and "destructive systems" along the Russian-Finnish border.

Addressing the European Parliament on Wednesday, Petteri Orpo highlighted the gravity of the situation for his country, which shares an over 807-mile border with Russia.

"Our decision to join NATO was made with careful consideration; it was a definitive sign of our dedication to European security. It brings us great joy to welcome our close neighbor, Sweden, into the Alliance," he added.

The war in Ukraine: A warning signal for Europe

Orpo pointed out that the outbreak of war in Ukraine was a warning signal for the European Union. "We can no longer afford to be overly dependent on external entities for our energy and security needs. It's crucial that we bolster our defense. Enhancing our defense industry, improving our readiness, and securing our borders are fundamental to our collective security strategy. We live in an era where almost every policy area intertwines with our security, and without security, a prosperous future for Europe cannot be guaranteed," he commented.

"Russia is clearly gearing up for a prolonged conflict with the West and represents a constant, existential military threat to Europe. If we, as a united Europe, fail to respond adequately to this challenge, the coming years will be fraught with danger and the threat of aggression. It's imperative that we amplify our support for Ukraine to ensure its victory in this war and simultaneously enhance our defense capabilities and readiness," the Finnish Prime Minister stated.

Orpo believes that EU expansion is a geopolitical necessity and crucial for security, asserting that every euro spent on Ukraine is a minor expense in comparison to the potential costs if Russia were to win the war.

Source: PAP, WP News

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