NewsFinal hours before the invasion? Israel surrounds Gaza

Final hours before the invasion? Israel surrounds Gaza

Gaza cut off. "Bombardment from all sides"
Gaza cut off. "Bombardment from all sides"
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8:43 AM EST, November 6, 2023

The Israeli army has reached the coast and cut off the northern part of the Gaza Strip, along with its capital, from the rest of the territory, reported AFP on Sunday. Army spokesperson Daniel Hagari stated that the armed forces are attacking from the air, land, and sea to create "pressure that will bring about the downfall of Hamas".

Moreover, the spokesperson assured that the Israeli military maintains humanitarian corridors to allow civilians to evacuate to the south of the Strip.

Local media claim that the Israeli forces will enter the city of Gaza within 48 hours.

In the meantime, King Abdullah II of Jordan announced that Jordanian military aviation performed an "urgent" drop of medical aid for the residents of Gaza around midnight on Sunday. The supplies were intended to be dropped in the area of the Jordanian field hospital in Gaza.

"Helping our brothers and sisters, wounded during the war in Gaza, is our duty. We will always be there for our Palestinian brothers," wrote the Jordanian monarch on Twitter.

As noted by the Times of Israel portal, it is unclear whether the aid reached the hospital, or whether the drop was made with the knowledge or consent of Israel.

Gaza Strip Blockade: A Dramatic Situation

Israel demands control of all aid reaching Gaza through the border crossing with Egypt in Rafah. The authorities in Tel Aviv justify this by citing fears that weapons and military equipment for Hamas can be smuggled this way.

This is the only land route through which aid for the residents of Gaza can reach. All other crossings are blocked by the Israeli military.

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