LifestyleFight off voracious voles! Simple and effective garden solutions you can find in your kitchen

Fight off voracious voles! Simple and effective garden solutions you can find in your kitchen

Pest Tunnels
Pest Tunnels
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3:48 PM EST, January 11, 2024

Discovering them can be startling. Although they might be confused with mice, voles are capable of causing more damage to our garden plants. However, managing them can be quite straightforward, even by using common ingredients found in our kitchen, such as a popular spice we often add to our favorite desserts or winter teas.

Garden pests: An introduction to voles

Voles are members of the hamster family, which often results in them being mistaken for these prominent critters. They are relatively small, with an adult individual measuring about 6 inches in length, including the tail. During the day, they are hard to spot, but during the evening and night, these creatures frequently visit gardens where they might cause significant damage.

Their diet primarily consists of plants, specifically the roots and seeds of vegetables and fruits, damaging them as they feast. Voles also enjoy tree bark, young shoots, and buds. They have a particular fondness for fruit trees, making them a significant threat when fruit-bearing trees like apples and cherries are grown in our gardens.

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Homemade remedies for voles

How can you tell if voles have invaded your garden? During your springtime gardening, check for 2-inch holes in the ground. Voles travel through these tunnel systems and come out to forage for food.

Experts have found that voles are repelled by certain odors. One of these is the scent of cinnamon, a spice found in almost every kitchen. Sprinkling ground cinnamon into the vole-created tunnels may deter these pests. Powdered chili pepper serves as an effective alternative, too.

Garlic is another potent alternative. Crushing a few cloves and placing them in the holes may also repel the voles. Hazel leaves can be used as well; their scent discourages the voles from destroying the plants we care for.

Remember that proactive measures can prevent voles from infesting your garden. Planting certain aromatic plants can keep these pests at bay. They are known to dislike garlic, spurge, goldenrod, common ragwort, mustard, mint, and blackcurrant.

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