LifestyleFew people know what the drawer under the oven is for. We're not using it the way we should

Few people know what the drawer under the oven is for. We're not using it the way we should

The oven has a drawer at the bottom. We use it incorrectly.
The oven has a drawer at the bottom. We use it incorrectly.
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1:43 PM EDT, October 26, 2023

The oven - a device that we use almost every day. The bottom cabinet under it usually doesn't attract our attention. We stash various tools in it that we need for cooking. Turns out, we're not using it correctly.

Device creators invent various functions. However, we don't always feel like sitting with the instructions and deciphering the manufacturers' intentions. Not everyone has time for this. That's why we're here to tell you what the bottom drawer under the oven is for. Certainly not for what you're thinking about.

The oven has a secret function. We use the cabinet under it incorrectly

Usually, we use this space to hide baking trays and molds or tools we use for cooking or baking. Some of us throw food there, like pasta, flour, or groats. We also like to place items there that we do not use on a daily basis. It turns out that we made a huge mistake because the drawer under the oven is not a place for baking trays. Home appliance manufacturers have a completely different vision.

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It seems that the oven itself is easy to use. We can use its functions and set them up well. Unfortunately, we use the drawer, which is right under it, wrongly. Its function may surprise us, but after a longer consideration, we will find a lot of sense in it.

During baking, the cabinet is subjected to high heat, which emanates from the oven. As such, the drawer is the perfect place to... keep food warm. If we put a baked chicken or anything else there, it will retain heat a lot longer than it would elsewhere. It will stay warm for longer, giving us ample time to prepare the rest of the meal. We can also put tableware in this place so we can serve the dish on warm plates. Don't worry, the dishes won't crack, as the temperature inside is not high.

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