LifestyleFeed your arborvitae with this summer trick for winter protection

Feed your arborvitae with this summer trick for winter protection

What should you fertilize thuja with in summer?
What should you fertilize thuja with in summer?
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11:33 AM EDT, July 10, 2024

Arborvitae are popular conifers that adorn many gardens. Properly cared for, they are pleasing to the eye all year round. Feed them with homemade fertilizer if you want them to survive the winter. They will reward you with a beautiful appearance.

Arborvitae are some of the most popular garden plants. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to grow. A few years after planting, they protect your garden from the prying eyes of nosy neighbors. They do not require much work. Just provide them with the right spot and water them regularly.

The most critical care procedure is fertilizing. It would help if you did this in the spring, summer, and fall, but summer fertilization is the most crucial. This way, you will protect the plant from the adverse effects of frost. What fertilizer is the best? Find out the recipe for homemade arborvitae fertilizer. Use it in July, and you will thank yourself in the winter.

How often should arborvitae be fertilized in the summer?

Arborvitae require regular fertilization in the spring, summer, and fall. Few people realize that using fertilizers in the summer is crucial for the proper growth and development of the plant. Thanks to this simple procedure, the stems will have time to harden before the onset of winter frosts. This way, you will protect them from low temperatures.

If you grow arborvitae, don't forget to fertilize them by the end of July. What do you fertilize arborvitae with in the summer? At this time of year, it is worth using a nitrogen-rich fertilizer. This is one of the most essential ingredients that every green plant needs. What fertilizer is the best? You can choose from many ready-made fertilizers or prepare one yourself. For this purpose, you can use ingredients such as yeast, banana peels, or coffee grounds.

Fertilize arborvitae with this in July. You’ll thank yourself quickly

Coffee is one of those products found in almost every home. The grounds left after brewing coffee usually end up in the trash. This is a mistake because you can use them to make a homemade fertilizer for arborvitae. You can prepare it in two ways. The first method involves scattering the grounds directly under the arborvitae and mixing them with the soil. Finally, gently pat down the soil.

The second method works much faster and more effectively, requiring only two ingredients— coffee grounds and water. How to make it? Prepare a 2.5-gallon container and fill it with water. Add a cup of coffee grounds, then mix the whole thing thoroughly. This prepared solution is ready to use. Apply it every two weeks throughout the summer. You will notice that the arborvitae have significantly expanded and taken on an intense green color in a short time.

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