NewsFears are growing in the USA. FBI warns of an attack

Fears are growing in the USA. FBI warns of an attack

Fears are growing in the USA. The FBI is warning of an attack.
Fears are growing in the USA. The FBI is warning of an attack.
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9:37 AM EDT, October 15, 2023

The Hamas invasion of Israel has triggered a reaction from the local government, which in turn affects security worldwide. The United States fears that supporters of the Palestinian terrorist organization will try to carry out an attack on American soil. The FBI warns of this.

On October 7, Hamas launched an attack on Israel, which cost the lives of at least 1200 people, and over 100 were taken captive. Benjamin Netanyahu's government responded immediately - conducting airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, killing Palestinian terrorists, and planning an invasion on a city located on the border with Israel.

The threat is growing in the USA. Hamas is to blame

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict could affect security around the world. Recent events have led to a sharp increase in threats, as noted by the American Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Chris Wray, the director of the FBI, has issued instructions, according to which the organisation under his control "must remain vigilant". All this is to prevent potential lone attackers inspired by the Palestinian terrorist organisation Hamas.

The former FBI chief admitted that Hamas or other terrorist groups "may take advantage of the conflict to encourage their supporters to carry out attacks on our land," which is why his office takes every signal on this matter seriously.

The United States has for years been one of Israel's main allies. President Joe Biden has also clearly spoken about Hamas attacks in recent days. - Hamas is using Palestinian civilians as "human shields" to protect themselves from Israeli retaliation - said the American leader on Saturday.

Biden called the latest Hamas attack on Israel the "bloodiest day for Jews since the Holocaust." - Innocent Palestinian families and the overwhelming majority (of Gaza residents) have nothing to do with Hamas. They are being used as human shields - the White House host stated.

After recent events, Americans decided to also strengthen their presence in the eastern regions of the Mediterranean Sea. They dispatched a second aircraft carrier, USS Dwight Eisenhower, to deter Iran and Hezbollah from attacking Israel. The USS Gerald Ford aircraft carrier had previously positioned itself in international waters near the Israeli coast.

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