LifestyleFear of fatal disease as woman's feet turn yellow, only to discover an unusual allergic reaction

Fear of fatal disease as woman's feet turn yellow, only to discover an unusual allergic reaction

Mrs. Ola discovered that her feet had turned yellow.
Mrs. Ola discovered that her feet had turned yellow.
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4:11 PM EST, January 20, 2024

Unexpected bodily changes can instill significant anxiety. This fact is evidenced by one reader of "Wprost" who shared her personal experience. When she noticed the alarming changes to her feet, she was instantly gripped by the fear that she might be suffering from a severe illness such as cancer.

Her feet turned yellow, and she was terrified

One day, Mrs. Ola noticed that her feet had developed a yellowish tint. "The soles of her feet were predominantly yellow, with some areas even taking on an orange hue. It was surprising that the discoloration was not uniform. The heel of her left foot, as well as the big toe on her right foot - including the nails - exhibited the most intense yellowing," as reported on the Wprost website.

The experience left her terrified. Initially, she suspected she might have jaundice, which then amplified into fears of liver cancer - a disease her grandmother had battled in the past. This concern was further heightened by the worry of possibly having pancreatic cancer. To alleviate her fears, Mrs. Ola scrubbed her feet with a pumice stone with no luck. However, this brought on an unpleasant burning sensation and intense itchiness.

She feared she had liver cancer, but the reality was less severe

The yellowish color only began to fade after a trip to the swimming pool. As it turns out, the mysterious symptom did not indicate any disease. The explanation was, in fact, far less alarming.

According to the reports, Mrs. Ola recalled wearing tight, insulated tights and warm shoes throughout the day. As it turned out, despite the tights being black, the heat and humidity had caused the dye to bleed and color her feet a startling yellow. Furthermore, it seems her skin had an allergic reaction to the dye. This reaction, combined with the irritation from a pumice stone, also led to other symptoms, such as itching and burning.

In this case, the yellow feet were a harmless incident rather than a symptom of severe health issues. However, it's worth noting that discoloration in feet can sometimes indicate serious health problems like kidney, liver, or pancreatic diseases, jaundice, keratomas of the feet, or psoriasis.

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