HealthFast-food outlets linked to increased heart attack rates, warns new study

Fast-food outlets linked to increased heart attack rates, warns new study

These products are not good for your heart, steer clear of them.
These products are not good for your heart, steer clear of them.
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4:44 AM EST, January 11, 2024

Fast food-style meals are now on the no-go list due to their high content of saturated animal fats. Cardiologists stress that when combined with carbohydrates, these meals remarkably compound the stress on our cardiovascular system.

A newly published retrospective study that included over three thousand past heart attack patients inferred that heart attack rates are higher in places with a prevalence of fast food outlets.

Previous research has established the link between fast foods, known for low nutritional value and high salt, and saturated fat content, and heart diseases. However, the correlation of heart diseases with the accessibility to such restaurants was not clearly established at that time - narrates the lead author of the study, Dr. Tarunpreet Saluja.

Another food group that needs to be consumed judiciously includes cold cuts and meat products. Experts from the World Health Organization have repeatedly emphasized that frequent consumption of hot dogs, sausages, cold cuts, or bacon could escalate the risk of developing cancer. Their high content of saturated fatty acids, cholesterol, and often artificial additives makes them particularly unhealthy. Scientists from the American Heart Association caution that overconsumption could lead to a heart attack, stroke, and atherosclerosis.

We should also be thoughtful about dishes fried in deep oil. They are not only high in calories but also packed with trans fats, which can elevate LDL cholesterol levels in the blood.

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