NewsFarmer's fury over budget cutbacks paralyzes Germany with major road blockades

Farmer's fury over budget cutbacks paralyzes Germany with major road blockades

Farmer's fury over budget cutbacks paralyzes Germany with major road blockades
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9:07 AM EST, January 8, 2024

Germany invoked these cutbacks to address a multi-billion-dollar deficit in the 2024 national budget—the decision to restrain subsidies for farmers featured in the cuts sparked a significant backlash. Reportedly, the government eased its posture on Thursday, with Berlin, for example, withdrawing plans to rescind fuel tax exemptions in agriculture. However, these concessions were insufficient.

On the morning of Monday, January 8th, German farmers launched a week of protests, primarily in blocking key roads. Tractors began gathering at selected sites as early as Sunday evening. Media reports predict "paralysis," and these protests may force school schedules to transition to remote learning.

"The central avenue stretching from the Brandenburg Gate to the Grosser Stern roundabout, near the Bundestag and the Chancellery, will be closed from Sunday, 11:00 am, until Monday, 4:00 pm. A demonstration incorporating around 300 individuals and numerous tractors is planned for this area. Conversely, in Hamburg and Bremen, the police predict the arrival of even up to 2,000 tractors, likely resulting in major traffic disruption," reported "DW" on Sunday.

Highways in Germany being blocked by farmers

"Bild" is offering real-time updates on the situation on German roads. The newspaper mentioned on Monday morning that, for instance, alternate exits on the A7 motorway between Hamburg and Denmark are currently closed. It is also anticipated that traffic on the A24 road connecting Hamburg and Berlin will be affected.

German media sources caution about paralysis in the western portion of the country's road network, particularly in North Rhine-Westphalia. This primarily pertains to the A1, A4, and A45 routes. There is also predicted disruption on the access routes into Düsseldorf city owing to the Rheinufertunnel being blocked.

In Hesse, the police have warned of severe traffic hinderances on the A3, A66, B54, B455, and B27 highways. Farmers are congregating at four assembly points capable of accommodating hundreds of tractors, according to "Bild".

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