EntertainmentFans' joy short-lived as actor denies rumors

Fans' joy short-lived as actor denies rumors

Jim Carrey did not hesitate to debunk the rumors.
Jim Carrey did not hesitate to debunk the rumors.
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11:55 AM EST, November 23, 2023

Just yesterday, the internet was buzzing with news about the commencement of a new installment of a family favorite holiday movie. Fans of "The Grinch: No More Christmas" were delighted upon hearing that Jim Carrey would once again morph into the beloved green monster. Sadly, their joy was short-lived.

The not-so-jolly monster is indeed the protagonist of Ron Howard's film ("Apollo 13", "The Da Vinci Code") from 2000. The storyline, crafted by Jeffrey Price and Peter S. Seaman ("Wild Wild West", "Shrek the Third"), revolves around little Cindy Lou (portrayed by Taylor Momsen, "Gossip Girl"), who tries to win over the grumpy antagonist and helps him find the spirit of Christmas. The movie, made with a budget of $123 million, raked in almost triple the investment for its creators.

Jim Carrey's return to acting ruled out

The moment news broke about the sequel to the 23-year-old hit, queries about Jim Carrey reprising his iconic role poured in. "Daily Mail" reported yesterday that according to "Giant Freaking Robot", Carrey would play the Grinch again. However, these rumors have been debunked today.

A representative for the actor spoke on his behalf and, while talking to "People" magazine, straightforwardly addressed the matter: "There is no truth to the claim that Jim will again play the lead role in the sequel to 'The Grinch'."

This should not come as a surprise as Carrey officially quit acting earlier this year in April following the promotional campaign for Jeff Fowler's movie "Sonic 2: Fast as Lightning". Although he hasn't ruled out a possible comeback, reprising his role in the iconic Christmas film did not seem compelling enough.

Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas | Trailer | Now on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital

Speaking to Access Hollywood, Carrey was asked if this was the end of his career, to which he responded, “It depends. If the angels bring some script, penned in golden ink, telling me that watching this film will be important for people, I may reconsider.” Leaving room for possibilities.

Carrey has expressed his disdain for sequels, that is, capitalizing on the success of original hits by generating sequence of projects. He has only twice returned for sequels and has no intentions of repeating it.

The lead role for the new "Grinch" movie remains unfilled. Information about the rest of the cast and crew along with the tentative release date are still in the dark.

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