EntertainmentFamous Russian detained. He was accused of supporting terrorism

Famous Russian detained. He was accused of supporting terrorism

Iljasz Jakubow and Szarabutdin Magomedow
Iljasz Jakubow and Szarabutdin Magomedow
Images source: © Instagram

4:19 PM EDT, October 24, 2023

It seems that Iljasz Jakubow is in serious trouble. The Russian MMA fighter was detained at a Moscow airport. He has been charged with public justification of terrorism. He even faces up to 7 years in prison.

In the world of MMA, it's not uncommon for fighters to become embroiled in controversy. However, few have caused as much commotion as Ilyas Yakubov, a fighter from several Russian organizations. Currently, Yakubov is ensnared in the Russian system, as he has been accused of publicly justifying terrorism. This accusation could not only halt his promising career but also completely change his life.

Russian arrested in Moscow

Jakubow's arrest is related to an Instagram video he posted in July 2023. In the video, the MMA fighter was shadowboxing, and in the background, a monologue from Shamil Basayev, a notorious Chechen commander infamous for organizing terrorist attacks in Moscow, Beslan, and other Russian cities, can be heard. Jakubow quickly removed the video from social media after posting, but it was to little avail. He was arrested and charged under the Russian criminal code and specifically accused of public justification of terrorism via the Internet. According to initial media reports, Jakubow faces five to seven years in prison.

Many indications suggest that the matter is very serious, therefore the fight scheduled for October 27 with the participation of Ilyas Yakubov is most likely will not take place. He was then to face Vyacheslav Vasilevsky. At this moment there is no official position on whether this collision will occur.

His acquaintance insulted a Pole

Scanning through the social media of Ilyas Yakubov, it can be observed that the aforementioned act is not his only political agitation. In recent weeks, he has been strongly expressing himself on the subject of the conflict in the Middle East. In his latest photo on Instagram, he poses against the backdrop of the Palestinian flag along with Sharabutdin Magomedov. This has been making a lot of noise in recent days because he publicly insulted a well-known Polish MMA fighter (more HERE).

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