NewsFail for Toshiba. The Japanese company had to take some precautious steps

Fail for Toshiba. The Japanese company had to take some precautious steps

Fail for Toshiba. The Japanese company had to take some precautious steps
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5:27 AM EST, February 22, 2024

About 15 million laptop adapters from Toshiba had to be withdrawn due to the risk of fire hazard. NBC News reports, "At least 679 reports of overheating and burning have been reported."

Several hundred reports of malfunctioning

Unfortunately, among those 679 reports to the company, there had been about 50 reports of minor burns and heating injuries. The company decided to withdraw all of the 15 million AC adapters due to the risk of fire and burn.

The products are not recent, though. They had been being sold more than ten years ago, between 2008 and 2014, which means that they lasted over ten years before the issues were reported.

If you have any of the Toshiba products, it is recommended that you look at this page:

It shows how to check if your product is from the list of the ones in danger. It is important to look at the model number and to look carefully at the serial number. Be careful and check the information in additional sources.

Toshiba and Dynabook Americas

The AC adapters were sold separately but included in the shipments of Toshiba laptops and used to power the company's original electronic product.

The company no longer operates under the name of Toshiba, which may cause some problems for customers who want to report the dangers or the malfunctioning of their adapters. It is important to note that the firm now operates under Dynabook Americas. The company recommends stopping using the adapters 'immediately' and contacting their services. They offer a free replacement of the adapters, although they were sold over 10 years ago.


Toshiba is a multinational corporation that sells its products all over the world. It has headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, in the district of Minato. It was founded almost 150 years ago, precisely 148 years ago, in 1875. It was the first Japanese company to manufacture telegraph equipment and other simple electronic and electronic devices.

It hires over 100 000 employees, namely 116 224 as for the year 2022.

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