EntertainmentFacing criticism: Kim Kardashian's daughter pays tribute to father's album, sparking controversy

Facing criticism: Kim Kardashian's daughter pays tribute to father's album, sparking controversy

Kim Kardashian came under fire due to her daughter's drawing.
Kim Kardashian came under fire due to her daughter's drawing.
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10:14 AM EST, February 16, 2024

Children of famous parents lead challenging lives. Every action they take is under the microscope with thousands of people around the world scrutinizing their every move. No matter their actions, critics will always suggest they could have improved or acted swifter. Wealthy parents' children are often targeted for flaunting wealth, donning expensive jewelry, or sporting designer clothes. Celebrating birthdays at high-end restaurants and traveling in million-dollar cars also attracts criticism. The focus of this sort of criticism recently is the children of Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian's Daughter Features on Her Father's Album

Kim Kardashian was wedded to Kanye West for eight years, and they had four children - sons Saint and Psalm and daughters North and Chicago. After their divorce, they ensured their children maintained regular contact with both parents. The official reason given for the divorce was "irreconcilable differences," and there are rumours that Kanye West's mental health played a role in Kim Kardashian's decision to file for divorce.

Kanye West married again in 2023. His new partner, Bianca Censori, is an interior designer who worked closely with Kanye in creating the Yeezy brand. The couple's relationship has been controversial from its outset. There are rumours that Kanye influences everything related to his wife, from her revealing outfits to her diet. As a result of indecent behaviour, the couple received a lifetime ban from using Venice Tourism's watercraft.

Despite his new relationship, West remains involved with his children. His eldest daughter, North West, is featured on his "Vultures 1" album. She appeared in the music video for the song "Talking/Once Again," where her voice can also be heard.

Controversy Sorrounding North West

A TikTok post shared by Kim Kardashian and North West garnered significant attention. The mother-daughter duo share an account, which Kim personally manages. On this platform, Kardashian praised North's journal entry, which included a drawing that surprised many people.

Kim Kardashian's Daughter Expresses Gratitude for Vultures

In a post dated February 13, 2024, North West shared three things she was grateful for that day. She mentioned the album "Vultures 1," expressing that it is "insanely good"; black vultures, asserting that "without vultures, this superb album wouldn't have come to fruition"; and the song "Carnival".

Fans of Kim Kardashian noticed that the song North expressed gratitude for contains mature content. The song includes explicit references to sexual relations couched in vulgar metaphors. However, the public concern over North's appreciation for "Carnival" paled compared to her journal entry's accompanying picture.

North West emulated the cover of the album "Vultures 1" for her drawing. On the album cover, Kanye West is posed with Bianca Censori, who appears almost nude, her buttocks covered only by a semi-transparent material. The nearly eleven-year-old girl preserved all the details in her rendition, including her father's current wife's body.

A concerned internet user commented under the now-deleted TikTok post, "Let this girl enjoy her innocence." Interestingly, it is rumoured that Kim Kardashian has asked West's current wife to dress appropriately around her children. However, this did not prevent the celebrity from posting the revealing drawing.

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