LifestyleEye pain can warn of other diseases. Do not ignore it

Eye pain can warn of other diseases. Do not ignore it

Eye pain can occur with sinus inflammation.
Eye pain can occur with sinus inflammation.
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7:18 PM EDT, October 24, 2023

The eyes are one of the most important sensory organs - they provide us with about 80 percent of information about the environment. Therefore, it is natural that eye pain can cause anxiety. What can be its causes? Here are the six most common ones.

Potential causes of eye pain

1. Glaucoma

Glaucoma is the second (after cataracts) disease that can lead to total vision loss. It manifests itself with photosensitivity, tearing of the eyes, and - not in every case - sudden headache and eye pain. This pain may radiate to the facial bones and back of the head.

2. Sinusitis

In case of sinus problems, eye pain mainly manifests itself in the eye sockets. This can be pain in the corner of the eye, above or behind the eye, as well as a dull pain on one side of the head, accompanying a runny nose and fever.

3. Barley

This is acute, local eyelid infection, most often caused by staph bacteria. It manifests itself as a painful lump on the eyelid, eye pain when blinking, redness and headaches.

4. Conjunctivitis

The inflammatory condition of the conjunctiva manifests itself with eye pain, strong redness, tearing, and sometimes, purulent discharge. It can be caused by an allergic reaction.

5. Optic Neuritis

This disease primarily manifests itself as eye pain when moving the eyeball. It may be accompanied by a decrease in visual sharpness and difficulties in recognizing colors. The reason for the symptoms is swelling in the areas around the optic nerve sheaths.

6. Dry eye syndrome

Associated with improper moisturizing of the eye surface. It is characterized by burning, discomfort, a sensation of a foreign body in the eye, and increased tearing.

Eye pain in the context of other diseases

Eye pain may accompany other diseases, such as upper respiratory tract infection, ocular migraine with aura, tension headache, or cluster headache. It also happens when a foreign body (e.g. dust, sand) gets into the eye.

Eye pain can have many causes - both those that are easy to treat and those that are a bit more serious. It is important not to disregard this symptom and consult with a specialist doctor to establish the appropriate diagnosis and implement treatment.

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