EntertainmentExtinction Rebellion Amsterdam plans unique 'fake death' protest to highlight climate crisis urgency

Extinction Rebellion Amsterdam plans unique 'fake death' protest to highlight climate crisis urgency

The activists will pretend to be dead.
The activists will pretend to be dead.
Images source: © Instagram | Instagram - Extinction Rebellion Amsterdam
10:02 AM EST, February 2, 2024

On Thursday, February 1, the Dutch arm of Extinction Rebellion Amsterdam made a post on Instagram. In it, they urged people to join the climate protest they are coordinating in the Netherlands' capital.

Feigning death to voice concerns about the climate crisis

Climate activists from Extinction Rebellion Amsterdam encourage people on social media to participate in their Monday protest. On Instagram, they highlight that the ecological crisis is not a fabrication or a transient issue. They stress that time is of the essence and that immediate action is requisite.

"Every first Monday of the month in the Netherlands, an air raid siren goes off. Every month, we want to reinforce that the climate and ecological crisis IS NOT a drill but a state of emergency. We must act now to reduce CO2 emissions to zero and prevent further loss of biodiversity," reads a post from the Dutch climate activists on Instagram.

"The climate emergency action in Amsterdam is scheduled for Monday, February 5. We are convening at 5:45 am (Eastern Time) at the Spinoza monument near the gemeentehuis (Amstel 2). This is a tranquil, brief act accessible to all," the activists' post further reads.

Original protest in the name of the environment
Original protest in the name of the environment© Canva

"In this action, we simulate death: at the sound of the alarm, we collapse to the ground, lying motionless for several minutes before rising. A concise speech explaining our actions will be delivered on location. It would be prudent to bring a soft, warm item to lie on and to wear weather-appropriate clothing," the activists added.

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