NewsExposed and extorted. Scandal in the Russian military

Exposed and extorted. Scandal in the Russian military

They throw them down and make them pay. She revealed a scandal in the Russian army.
They throw them down and make them pay. She revealed a scandal in the Russian army.
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8:33 AM EST, November 19, 2023

A distraught wife of a mobilized Russian soldier from the Primorsky Territory is accusing military command of extensive abuse. She alleges that soldiers are held captive in pits, and only allowed to exit if they pay a hefty sum. She further claims that leaves are not granted to soldiers, and wounded servicemen are hastily returned to the front lines.

Olga Bielanowska, who traveled from Spassk-Dalny to Moscow to plea to Russia's Ministry of Defense for help in locating her husband, also brought along complaints from other soldiers' relatives and USB sticks containing damning videos sent by the soldiers themselves. One of the videos purportedly shows a pit used to detain military personnel.

Punishment pits: Imprisoned for insubordination

According to accounts of the enlisted men, those who "refuse to carry out orders" are thrown into the pit. The only escape from this confinement is a hefty fee - 400,000 rubles (around $5,300). To hasten payment, commanders have reportedly resorted to a brutal method: forcing the detained soldiers to strip naked. This was allegedly captured on video during the autumn months, as the initial frost started setting in.

Claims also hint at corruption, with leaves granted exclusively in exchange for bribes starting from 200,000 rubles ($2,650). "Those who have paid have managed to go on leave twice," says Olga Bielanowska.

Deprived of necessities: Controversy in the Russian Army

Relatives of the soldiers assert that their loved ones are denied necessities like food and water, only gaining access to food if they manage to dig "five trenches a day." In another alarming allegation, the relatives say that wounded soldiers with deteriorating health are denied medical evaluation and instead, they are sent back to the North Military District using crutches. According to Olga, these wounded individuals are not given access to rehabilitation, nor are they granted time off to recover.

On her own behalf and on the behalf of her relatives, Olga Bielanowska lodged a formal complaint to the headquarters of the Primorsky Territory. She appealed for oversight of the actions of the 5th Army command and military units 44980 and 16871. Furthermore, Olga has personally addressed her concerns to the administration of Russian leader Vladimir Putin and the Russian Ministry of Defense.

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