NewsExplosion at the US-Canada border. Bomb attack suspected, casualties confirmed

Explosion at the US‑Canada border. Bomb attack suspected, casualties confirmed

A huge explosion at Niagara Falls. Is it a terrorist attack?
A huge explosion at Niagara Falls. Is it a terrorist attack?
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5:34 AM EST, November 23, 2023

Disturbing news emerges from the US-Canada border. Fox News reported a major car explosion near Niagara Falls, adjacent to the Rainbow Bridge. According to American media outlets, two people lost their lives in the incident.

Fox News described the vehicular explosion at the Rainbow Bridge border crossing in New York as a potential terrorist attack on Wednesday, citing anonymous sources.

New York state authorities and agencies are closely monitoring the incident on the bridge and are present on the scene, as informed by Governor Kathy Hochul on Wednesday through Platform X.

Significant explosion near Niagara Falls: Could it be a terrorist attack?

Based on sources that Fox News, an American TV station, was able to reach, the exploded car was supposedly carrying explosive materials. It was transporting two people from the US to Canada. Both passengers, according to Fox News, have been confirmed dead. A border official also got injured in the incident.

The Buffalo FBI field office is investigating the vehicle explosion at Rainbow Bridge, a border crossing between the US and Canada, according to a statement quoted by Fox News.

Canadian law enforcement agencies "are actively engaged in assessing the situation," stated Ontario Premier Doug Ford.

All four border crossings in the state's western part have been closed following the bridge incident involving a vehicle, announced Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
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